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Station L Rowing Club - Portland, OR
Station L Rowing Club - Portland, OR
Coach K’s workshop on “Your Athletic Brain” was well organized, thoughtful, and inspiring. Coach K does a great job of delivering the information in an interesting and comprehensible way, integrating time for relevant activities and then leaving us with tangible practices to implement on our own.  The time flew by. I highly recommend this workshop to any team looking to improve their performance and team cohesion.  
East Bay Rowing Club - Oakland, CA
Recovery on Water
Recovery on Water - Chicago, IL
Coach K. came to visit our growing team in Chicago at the start of our spring season. Her talks on how to reframe competition and skill acquisition spoke to every member of our team, even bringing some of our members to (happy) tears, and giving everyone something to connect to and reflect upon. Reba perfectly put to words what challenges women’s masters athletes face. She also gives women tools to become better athletes as well as better teammates. The presentations were strong and the takeaways will continue to influence our program for years to come. Thank you Coach for a transformative experience for our team!!
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