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I work with you to pinpoint exactly what may be holding you back or causing you to hesitate and together we determine how to push past that perceived limitation.


Some of the elements of my work include:

  • Mindset for injury recovery.

  • Guidance towards a specific goal.

  • Accountability in your training.

  • Strategies to develop a healthy competitive mindset.


Free 15 minute consult

Individual training fees are $150/hr.
Packages are available.


My small group coaching provides masters athletes the opportunity to work together to achieve whatever you set your mind to.

This could be a crew, a small team, or simply a group of masters women that want to support each other in their individual athletic development  and competitive success.

Sessions are held via group video chat, conference call, or in person depending on location.

I require a minimum of three masters athletes per group session.

Free 30 minute consult

Fees for group sessions are $300/session.

Packages are available.


Looking for a speaker to come in and get your team thinking about something in a slightly different way?

Does your club want to learn more about how to develop new rowers into competitive racers?

Maybe you are a leading a new club and need assistance in developing a plan of programs that will grow your organization?

I am here to help your rowing organization develop strategies to increase growth and maintain membership.

Please get in touch for more info on consulting or public speaking fees. 

Free 30 minute consult

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