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“Coach K works with rowers to develop both physically and mentally. She is a dedicated coach with a talent for helping her athletes determine what issues are negatively impacting their performance and develop action plans for overcoming them. Coach has helped me be stronger mentally and more successful in competition."

Kris A.
Masters Rower

Age 47


"I consider Coach K my extra edge: someone in my corner with empathy, energy, and profound knowledge of rowing and training in all aspects — mental, physical, technical; someone who can listen and respond, kindly, firmly, enthusiastically, and who can clearly lay out good options for continued rowing improvement."

Anita B.

Masters Rower

Age 72


"Even though I’ve been successful in competitive masters rowing events, working with Coach K has made me realize that I have not yet reached my potential for what is possible.   I have been challenged both mentally and physically.  She had me try new approaches and I’m seeing improvements I didn’t think I’d see.  She tailors her advice specific to my needs and where I’m at.  It’s been invaluable."

Lori J.
Masters Rower
Age 59


"Without your support and guidance, I would have left the sport. Your ability to identify improvements and speak clearly about how to achieve goals, both small and large, is a gift."

Maggie G.

Masters Rower
Age 61


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