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At the Catch: The First Annual Rowing Symposium for Masters Women!

It's time for masters women rowers to gather!

Let's share best practices, discuss some of the issues that bring us together and sometimes tear us apart, wonder out loud, hear great presenters talk about masters women (for a change) and just in general appreciate each other for all the greatness that we each bring to this sport.

A conference all about you, the masters woman.

Introducing, At the Catch: The First Annual Rowing Symposium for Masters Women!

Date: Saturday, March 23, 2019

Time: 8am - 4:30pm

Place: Riverfront Recapture Boathouse, Hartford CT.

That's right, it's a whole day of presenters just for you.

To register paste this link into your address bar

Here's a little background on how this came to be.

While coaching at Craftsbury Sculling Camp I met my now symposium co-creator Vreni Hommes. Vreni was a camper at said camp and one night after dinner we got to talking about rowing, the challenges of being a rower "at this age" and how to reach other masters women.

In all of the years that I have been in this rowing community, I said to Vreni, I have never experienced, heard of, or attended a conference focused exclusively on masters women. Many years back there was the Masters Rowing Association which focused on masters rowing in general, training approaches, etc., but nothing that held up masters women as the priority. As Vreni and I talked we began to realize that there are many masters women loving rowing, training and competing seriously, Just as seriously as any collegiate or junior crews. But unlike those groups, you, the masters woman are not getting the attention you deserve. We think it's high time, at least in our humble opinions, that you get that attention.

So we decided to take the proverbial bull by the horns and make it happen.

And that's how "At the Catch" was born.

Our intention is to bring this conference to other regions of the states and eventually to grow "At the Catch" into a worldwide conference that brings together masters women from all over the globe. If this type of conference is something you've been looking for and you think your club would be interested in co-sponsoring an "At the Catch" event, please feel free to reach out. From the U.S. to the U.K. and Europe, to the great rowing spots of New Zealand and Australia, and so many other wonderful regions that have masters women rowing well, rowing hard, competing, and having fun, we fully intend to reach all of you...eventually. So do not fret if Hartford Connecticut is nowhere near where you are. We will find you.

In the meantime we will start where we are and move forward from here.

For those of you in or nearby the Hartford CT area, that would like to join us please paste this site address into your search bar and head to our eventbrite page to register: (Sorry, it is not a direct link. This wix site doesn't seem to understand the url.) There you'll find ticket information and a schedule of talks for the day.

More information will also be posted on our @AtTheCatchRowing facebook page as well.

Please share this with your teammates, competitors, and coaches.

We can't wait to meet more of the fabulous masters women that we know are rowing all over this planet.

Hope to see you in your neck of the woods soon!

Row hard, Row well, Compete, And Have fun!

Coach Knickerbocker

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