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Why this resource for Masters Women?

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

It's a privilege to offer this resource to women masters rowers.

All masters athletes or athletes in general are welcome to take as much from this blog as they see fit, but the main focus will be to speak to masters women rowers and address the specific challenges you may face in developing your athletic self-esteem, achieving your competitive results, and balancing life with rowing.

Through out my 20 years in this sport, as a collegiate coxswain, a multi-level coach, and a masters rower. I have seen many masters women struggle with balancing family, career, with the desire to become the athletes and rowers they desire to be.

Many of these rowers are women over 40 who came of age before Title IX, or had just started coming of age when Title IX was passed. They entered into rowing with little to no athletic experience and soon realized that they were athletes and competitors.


This blog is a jumping off point for women looking to expand as accomplished masters athletes and competitive rowers. Through the Bend the Blade blog I will offer thought provoking messages, practical suggestions, mental training techniques, support and guidance in finding and growing your athletic self.

Here are just a few of the titles of future blog posts to come:

Failing to Fail.

What is Your Athletic Ethic?

Prepping for Competition.

The Selfish Athlete.

I’m looking forward to our interactions and especially your feedback.

Row hard, row well, compete, have fun!

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